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φSignificantφ   2012-06-01
On-line courses are now available. There are [Electronic Data Capture], [Sample Tracking And Management], ... and so on. Welcome to visit our on-line lessons page.

-On-line Lessons-

φImportantφ   2012-05-20
Our website will temporally stop to provide services in May 25 18:00 to May 27 18:00 due to the maintanance of the fiber cable.

By the way the on-line video lessons is coming soon in this month!

φImportantφ   2012-03-28
Eight new loci for type 2 diabetes in east Asians are identified

The type 2 diabetes research team led by Drs. YT Chen, JY Wu and FJ Tsai collaborated with Asian Genetic Epidemiology Network, AGEN) found eight new T2Dsusceptibility loci using meta-analysis. Technical support and service were provided by the Translational resource Center for Genomic Medicine funded by NRPB and by the National Center for Genomic Medicine funded by NCFPB.

The study was published on the international heavyweight journal,Nature Genetics in January, 2012.

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φImportantφ   2012-03-28
Taiwan team unravel a mystery in genetic concerns about Kawasaki disease!

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φActivityφ 2012-03-22
2012 THGS Spring Symposium will take place in East Gate, B1F, Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei on Sunday, April 15. Our main topic is "Application of Next Generation Sequencing in Human Genetics Research." We're glad to see your participance.
-Mainpage of the activity-
φActivityφ 2012-03-20
Welcome and please join "Symposium on Challenges in
the Analysis of -omics Data" and our workshop in March 30, 31 in National Taiwan University.

Main page: http://ntcrc.ntu.edu.tw/omics.html
Schedule: (Doc1) (Doc2)


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φImportantφ   2012-01-02
In order to provide better services, Our e-Services will stop for a moment to maintain in:
1. 2012.01.10(Tues.) 6-9pm
2. 2012.01.20(Fri.) 6pm ~ 2012.01.30(Mon.) 8am

TRC wish you a happy new year!

φActivityφ 2011-12-16
2012 Multicenter Collaborative Clinical Research Workshop is now ready for you to sign up. Welcome to join our activity. Please come to visit the mainpage for more details.
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φSignificantφ   2011-12-16
Our e-Service is now available, please come to visit!!
-TRC e-Service-

φUpdateφ   2011-11-30
From now on we provide a new customized service(TR3-009). Contact us for more details.
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φImportantφ   2011-11-04
We have uploaded one new document.
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